Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership- A Raving Fan

Hajel's Musings

Dave Ramsey, sharing his play book with us at EntreLeadship Master Series Dave Ramsey, sharing his play book with us at EntreLeadership Master Series

I had the privilege of attending Entreleadership Master Series, a week-long training on Entrepreneurship and Leadership taught by Dave Ramsey in Nashville, Tennessee. Let me start by saying, I will do a great job of sharing the highlights with you, both through pictures and with words, however, that will only scratch the surface of what actually happened at Entreleadership. It must be experienced to be truly understood. It was rich,  rewarding and will totally revamp the way you view business, service and relating with people.

Once we started the process of engaging with the Dave Ramsey team to attend Entreleadership, you felt “special”, you felt like they wanted to “serve” you and help you succeed. This was a theme that ran through my engagement with them: on our first night in Nashville, we checked into our hotel room and…

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