Work It

work  I sat with a group of younger people & carefully observed how lazy the next generation is becoming with a rich lackadaisical attitude; they wanted to wake up by 9am daily, do nothing, eat everything, watch movies, listen to musical&play games. I wondered if i should blame technology,media government, society or parents;I figured that wouldn’t solve any problem.

I looked through history, one thing stood factual& constant; everyone who made it worked hard amidst other things.Success is predictable when it is worked out. I wonder if Bill Gates,Mark Zuckerberg, Davido, Collins Farrel & all our heroes. Even Superman, Batman, Ben 10, Rambo & all villains work so hard daily to achieve their goals. I read of a fighter being featured in a new dance movie who spends 9 hours daily rehearsing his dance moves. Did I just say 9 hours? Yes & MJ did more.

Microsoft wasn’t born out of wishful thinking, the Ipad wasn’t just a fantasy, Facebook was not born in the delivery room of laziness.Davido spends time in the studio & when rocking parties, he’s at work.

Read history (which most young people sadly don’t) you’d see where men/women who have succeeded committed their time to hard work.

Hard work pays, NOTHING WORKS UNTIL YOU WORK IT. The easiest way to fail is to do nothing. It takes work to stand, just do nothing, leave yourself & you’d gracefully fall. This is a clarion call to everyone to awaken the giant in you & work that dream,that future, that desire out. It’s not going to be easy & will demand discipline & patience but keep working, commit with persistence to do it over and over till it works out. It is gross foolishness to fold your hand thinking a ‘helper’ will come & attend to your needs; wisdom says get up and work it. Commitment to hard work produces results and attract favour. No matter how hard the sun shines or you water the ground, if you don’t plant a seed, your tree won’t grow. WORK IT

By; Unusual TJ

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