a few Good Men……

good men   Hmm i think i know whats on your mind! An expose about men right?
Well keep your fingers crossed I ‘might’ just be going your way.**winks**
OK! I have always wondered how certain men caused revolutionary change in their generations,most times i ponder on what Gandi knew,Martin luther kings drive and why Nelson Mandela was willing to die?
I check the bible and wonder why God raised moses, Gideon,Deborah,Esther and the likes.
Then again i think of men like Hitler,Osama bin laden and Gadafi and i just wonder what made them so thick!(abeg o i don’t fancy dem o)
Well i finally came to the conclusion;it takes a few good men or bad men for that matter to cause a stirring and the masses would follow.
I said all that to say this I believe that someday from now the good few men and women of Nigeria would rise up to challenge the bad few. I really do not know if it would be violent or not(i pray its not) but i know that day would come when WE THE GREAT PEOPLE OF NIGERIA WOULD RISE AND BE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR NATION.
……….ehen where did your mind go to the other time? Pls Pulsssssss don’t give me that face!
Its no news that most girls think that the majority of men are bad and all they do is use misuse and dump ladies abi?
Though there are A LOT of wolves in sheep clothing I DO believe that there are still God fearing,responsible men that respect women. After all the fact say chinko dey market no mean say people no dey buy original!
Thank you for sharing my thoughts with me i would love you to kindly say something about these thoughts of mine.cheers

One thought on “a few Good Men……

  1. Good One…..I believe strongly in a Change coming to Nigeria and that amongst those few good men, i will be one by HIs Grace. You Got quite a good number of write ups,wow. Pls teach me how to toe this path.Keep it up Dear.

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