a few Good Men……

good men   Hmm i think i know whats on your mind! An expose about men right?
Well keep your fingers crossed I ‘might’ just be going your way.**winks**
OK! I have always wondered how certain men caused revolutionary change in their generations,most times i ponder on what Gandi knew,Martin luther kings drive and why Nelson Mandela was willing to die?
I check the bible and wonder why God raised moses, Gideon,Deborah,Esther and the likes.
Then again i think of men like Hitler,Osama bin laden and Gadafi and i just wonder what made them so thick!(abeg o i don’t fancy dem o)
Well i finally came to the conclusion;it takes a few good men or bad men for that matter to cause a stirring and the masses would follow.
I said all that to say this I believe that someday from now the good few men and women of Nigeria would rise up to challenge the bad few. I really do not know if it would be violent or not(i pray its not) but i know that day would come when WE THE GREAT PEOPLE OF NIGERIA WOULD RISE AND BE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR NATION.
……….ehen where did your mind go to the other time? Pls Pulsssssss don’t give me that face!
Its no news that most girls think that the majority of men are bad and all they do is use misuse and dump ladies abi?
Though there are A LOT of wolves in sheep clothing I DO believe that there are still God fearing,responsible men that respect women. After all the fact say chinko dey market no mean say people no dey buy original!
Thank you for sharing my thoughts with me i would love you to kindly say something about these thoughts of mine.cheers



How much value is placed on Bill Gates time?

How much value is placed on Obama’s time?

How much value is placed on your time?

Both rich and poor people have been blessed with 24hours however the value we place on our time would determine who we become…..

Time is always of the essence! Are your activities adding value to your time? or are you just drifting through life?

Its time you make conscious effort to take stock of your activities and make a decision to carry out activities that would add value to your time.

I would conclude with a statement made by a friend;


Legally Smart

mark zuckerberg    OK! I definitely know you have mind blowing ideas and those ideas could generate money but i also know that you could loose your money as a result of naivety.
The movie social network which revolves around the litigation surrounding the ownership of the ideas and codes at the onset of Facebook has a lot of salient legal lessons you should know in this time and age where young people like you and me are encouraged to toe the part of entrepreneurship.
Lesson 1- Do not make handshake deals: i don’t know how to stress this put your business dealings in writing ‘Paperize everything’ Don’t naively assume that everything will go according to plan. Always keep written agreements, contract for every business relationship you go into. Protect yourself from loss of time,money and potential lawsuits.
Lesson 2- Do not bring in partners without a detailed Agreement- No matter how much you like and trust your business partner you need a legally binding agreement. It is imperative that you have the hard conversation initially when everybody is still in ‘love’. Paperize everything put the terms and conditions of your partnership in writing.
Conclusively, protect your ideas jealously. Don’t be penny wise and pounds foolish. Consult your lawyer.

Work It

work  I sat with a group of younger people & carefully observed how lazy the next generation is becoming with a rich lackadaisical attitude; they wanted to wake up by 9am daily, do nothing, eat everything, watch movies, listen to musical&play games. I wondered if i should blame technology,media government, society or parents;I figured that wouldn’t solve any problem.

I looked through history, one thing stood factual& constant; everyone who made it worked hard amidst other things.Success is predictable when it is worked out. I wonder if Bill Gates,Mark Zuckerberg, Davido, Collins Farrel & all our heroes. Even Superman, Batman, Ben 10, Rambo & all villains work so hard daily to achieve their goals. I read of a fighter being featured in a new dance movie who spends 9 hours daily rehearsing his dance moves. Did I just say 9 hours? Yes & MJ did more.

Microsoft wasn’t born out of wishful thinking, the Ipad wasn’t just a fantasy, Facebook was not born in the delivery room of laziness.Davido spends time in the studio & when rocking parties, he’s at work.

Read history (which most young people sadly don’t) you’d see where men/women who have succeeded committed their time to hard work.

Hard work pays, NOTHING WORKS UNTIL YOU WORK IT. The easiest way to fail is to do nothing. It takes work to stand, just do nothing, leave yourself & you’d gracefully fall. This is a clarion call to everyone to awaken the giant in you & work that dream,that future, that desire out. It’s not going to be easy & will demand discipline & patience but keep working, commit with persistence to do it over and over till it works out. It is gross foolishness to fold your hand thinking a ‘helper’ will come & attend to your needs; wisdom says get up and work it. Commitment to hard work produces results and attract favour. No matter how hard the sun shines or you water the ground, if you don’t plant a seed, your tree won’t grow. WORK IT

By; Unusual TJ



You are a champion; yes, you reading this ,you are not a local champion but a world acclaim champion of international repute. Now I know I have gotten your attention, you might be asking yourself so many questions because you do not believe it but see I will prove it to you.

Do you know that champions are not born but are made through different processes, those who win in sporting events are not born that way, they developed the champion in them through constant rigorous training and self-denial!  Most of you are familiar with different football clubs that participate in the different leagues and are even fans of the different clubs. You can testify that the fact that one club wins this year does not mean they will win next year, and also the fact that a club is among the least in the rating does not stop them from being among the best during the next season. For the ladies we know that beauty queens are not made in heaven, they are humans like you and I. What makes them stand out is the fact they have subjected themselves to different beauty treatments, exercise regime and diet plans so that during competition they come out looking stunning and beautiful and every one celebrates the contestant than wins the contest.  Now this shows that every person on earth has the capacity to be a champion not necessarily in sports or a competition but in life, everyone has what it takes to win if only they would subject themselves to the processes that bring about winners and champions.

You may say well yes other people may be champions but not me, my father is not a politician and my mother does not work in a multinational company so your story is for someone else from a good home.

Though your thought may be factual, it is not truth, being a winner in life really has nothing to do with who your parents are or who they are not it has everything to do with you. The day you make up your mind to live up to who you really are, you would see that the whole earth would rise up to help you accomplish your desired feat. You already have the capacity to live life to the fullest all you need to do is to make the decision to bring it into reality in your different area of gifting.

Life is a gift giving to us by God. Parents are only channels through which we came into the world, so what you do with your life is entirely up to you, you can live a full and well lead life if you choose to and you could live like a pauper it is all up to you. Never forget that you have the capacity to live the good life. Before crude oil was discovered in Nigeria people were farming on the land where oil companies now drill barrels of oil on a daily basis. The fact that the villagers did not exploit the resources under their feet did not change the fact that oil was there, it took foreigners to come and tell the villagers that something of great value was deposited under the ground that they were farming on. This point to the fact that though people have what it takes to be the best, out of ignorance, laziness they may end up living mediocre lives. The funny thing is despite the fact that many of these resources are being tapped today; there remain a large percentage of untapped resources that is mind blowing. It shows that the fact that other people are doing well in the area were you want to function, does not stop you from also being the best, The late Archbishop B.A Idahosa once said that the sky is too big for two birds to collide, so you can see there is no excuse for you not to live up to your true status and capacity.